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Safety and Environmental Policy

Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental

Gauthier's is committed to providing the facilities, standards, resources, training, discipline and a work culture to ensure:

  • A safe environment for all employees and the surrounding community.
  • Safe, effective products.
  • Conservation of energy and natural resources.
  • Protection of company assets.


The Company requires that a high standard of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental (QHSE) awareness be achieved and consistently maintained at all work areas and offices.

The Company acknowledges that QHSE and operational efficiency are complementary and that the proper use of working practices and loss prevention techniques are an important aspect of management responsibility.

The Company will establish and maintain formal procedures to identify the QHSE impacts of its activities, products and services with regard to its employees, member of the public and the environment generally.

Training in matters relevant to QHSE will be delivered to management, supervisory staff, and employees as required.

Training in matter relevant to QHSE matters via publicity, informative handouts, and other marketing tools, and will develop and implement QHSE improvement schemes as necessary.

A comprehensive advisory service in QHSE matters will be provided and maintained.

QHSE audits and inspections will be undertaken will be applied to all work projects prior to commencement.

Adequate planning and consideration of QHSE matters will be applied to all work projects prior to commencement.

The subject of QHSE matters will be included in the agenda of all relevant management review meetings.

Upon commencement of employment, all employees will be inducted in the Company's QHSE Policies and Procedures.

All employees will be encouraged to submit suggestions and ideas for improving QHSE issues within Company operations.

Statistical analysis of QHSE performance will be collated and analyzed and communicated throughout the business and used as a basis for targeting improvements.

The Company will ensure that any sub-contractors engaged to undertake work will conduct themselves in a responsible manner at all times and will comply with all statutory and local requirements regarding QHSE performance.

This QHSE Statement will be reviewed and updated, as necessary.

Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvements

The corporate objective of the Company is to achieve long term profitability through the provision of integrated services that meet or exceed the customer's needs and expectations together with specified/contractual requirement.

To assist in achieving this objective, an integrated quality management system is operated throughout the business that meets recognized standards.

All employees with the Company will be made fully aware of the Company's Quality Policy, objectives and targets.

The Company will at all times promote a "Continuous Improvement Policy" (C.I.P.) in Quality Assurance matters.

The Company will implement procedures to ensure that all appropriate contracts are subject to formal review with the customer on a regular basis to measure the performance of the Company in accordance with the specified/contractual requirement.


  • Injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable, therefore our goal at Gauthier's is to attain zero incidents, safety or environmental.
  • The fundamentals that deliver excellence in safety and environmental stewardship will help us to achieve a superior competitive advantage.
  • Being safe and helping others to be safe epitomizes our respect and caring for each employee.
  • Source reduction/elimination is the best waste management practice. Alternatives to source reduction/elimination must focus on reuse, recycling and waste minimization/elimination.


  • Working safely is unequivocally our number one priority.
  • We are all accountable for ourselves and for the safety of every employee and contractor in the workplace.
  • Working safely is a condition of employment.
  • Our efforts must be focused on prevention of injury and occupational illnesses.
  • Safety excellence requires dedicated and demonstrated leadership - everyone, including management is responsible and accountable.
  • When an injury or serious incident occurs, we must quickly learn through "root cause" analysis and subsequent action.
  • We will meet or exceed all applicable laws and regulations.
  • We must continually strive for a goal of zero injuries and illnesses.
  • We will continuously monitor our occupational health, safety and environmental performance to drive continous improvement and to realize our objectives.
  • We will strive to reduce and eliminate waste from our facility at the source; however, where wastes are generated, they will be handled safely and responsibly.

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