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Shipping Containers & Storage Containers

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Gauthier’s can serve your container needs 100%. We stock a number of sizes and types in locations around the world and our container sales team can fit you in custom sizes & features on an order basis. No job is too big or small for Gauthier’s Container Sales.

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  • Construction Sites
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Farms/Ranches
  • Government
  • Retail Stores and Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Disaster Preparedness


  • Heavy Duty Door Hinges
  • Locking Door Handles

Types of Shipping Containers

Standard Closed Top Containers - The most common containers are the 20’ and the 40’ container. Most shipping companies such as railways, ship and trucking are equipped to handle these sizes. While they are the most common sizes, a number of smaller and larger containers are used for specialized applications.

Storage Containers - Although the original intent for shipping containers were for shipping reasons, they have a huge market in the storage business. Once containers are no longer in condition for shipping purposes, they make quick, inexpensive storage space. People around the world utilize shipping container for additional storage, typically renting or purchasing the shipping containers for long or short term storage. A number of industries utilize storage containers some include but not limited to:

  • Construction
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Metal
  • Military
  • Industrial

High Cube Containers - High Cube Containers are taller than standard containers, typically built at an overall height of 9’6” (METRIC). The added height is useful when dealing with items that are tall.

Open Top Containers - Open Top Containers are useful for a variety of situations. The most common application is when a shipper must ship a bulky object that is either too heavy or bulky to pack into a standard container. The open top gives the shipper the option of utilizing a crane when loading or unloading the cargo. Additionally, most open top container come equipped with a heavy duty tarp. Although it is not completely watertight, the tarp gives a good option of keeping the cargo somewhat protected from the elements.

Offshore Containers - Offshore Containers are used primarily in the Oil& Gas exploration industry, due to their ability to withstand the harsh environment and handling of the offshore industry. Offshore Containers include the following different types:

  • Closed Offshore Containers
  • Open Top Offshore Containers
  • Mini Offshore Containers
  • Pallet Offshore Containers
  • Offshore Basket Containers
  • Offshore Tank Containers
  • Offshore Waste Containers
  • Offshore Workshop Containers

Offshore Containers are also commonly referred to with the following names:

  • CCU’s (Cargo Carrying Units)
  • Connex Boxes
  • Gang Boxes
  • Work Boxes
  • Service Cabins

Mini Containers - Mini Containers are containers used for smaller cargo applications. They typically have the same features of standard containers but just in a smaller footprint.

  • Tank Containers
  • Military Containers
  • Equipment Containers


  • Double Locking Bars
  • Waist High Locking Bars
  • Custom Paint Schemes
  • Tie Down Points
  • Fork Pockets
  • Custom Decals

Transport Methods

  • Tilt Back Container Trailers
  • Chassis Container Trailers
  • Container Ships
  • Container Barges
  • Trains

Secondary Uses

Gauthiers is confident that we can serve your company's container needs. Request a free quote today!

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