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March 4, 2014

May 5-8: Houston Offshore Technology Conference set

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A premier, well-atttended event each year in Houston, this year’s Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) will be May 5-8 at Reliant Park.

Founded in 1969, it’s the world’s foremost event for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production and environmental protection.

“OTC has been the premier technical conference and exhibition for the oil and gas industry and a fixture in the Houston community for 45 years,” said Stephen Graham, OTC executive director. “We’ve seen phenomenal growth over the years, and we are excited about another opportunity to bring global experts on technological advances, safety and environmentally focused solutions to Houston. We invite industry professionals as well as those who are interested in the industry to attend. Whether they are new to the field, or seasoned professionals, OTC has something for everyone.”

Attendees will have access to leading-edge technical information, the industry’s largest equipment exhibition, and have the opportunity to make new professional contacts. More than 90,000 professionals from more than 120 countries are expected to attend.

In celebration of OTC’s 45th anniversary, an evening concert, featuring musical entertainment, food and drinks will be Wednesday, May 7, on the floor of Reliant Stadium. Admittance is complimentary to registered attendees.

The OTC at the Ballpark is scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, May 4. The Astros will host the Seattle Mariners, and game time is 1:10 p.m.

The OTC Dinner will be held that evening. At the event, OTC recognizes individuals and companies that have made outstanding achievements to the offshore E&P industry.

Registration and technical sessions will begin on Monday, May 5.

Several registration options are available: Four-day registration is $150 for members, $210 for nonmembers; One-day registration is $120 for members, $160 for nonmembers. The registration fee includes admittance to the technical sessions and exhibition.

Special event tickets must be purchased separately. Those interested in attending OTC 2014 can register

Topical breakfasts and luncheons will feature presentations by senior executives of operating, service and supply companies.

They will present their views on future industry direction, operational integrity, risk management, and technical challenges facing the offshore oil and gas industry.

Experts and high-level government officials will participate in panel discussions about issues related to government policies, energy development, and HSE issues.

Peer-selected technical presentations also are scheduled. During these sessions, new technology will be presented, as well as lessons learned from the field.

Attendees can explore the exhibit floor, where there will be displays by major oil and gas companies and related subsidiary industries, equipment manufacturers and service providers.

They can view the latest technological advances in such categories as drilling, exploration, fabrication, instrumentation and controls, environmental, marine, materials, oilfield chemicals, oil spill cleanup, pollution control, process, production, safety, seismic, specialized equipment, subsea exploration, survey, telecommunications, testing, tools, training, transportation, well completion, workover and wireline.

As part of the conference, 100 Houston-area classroom teachers will attend a one-day energy education workshop.

Among other things, they will participate in energy lessons provided by the U.S. National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project.

In addition, to educate the next generation of aspiring engineers, scientists, and managers about the oil and gas industry, OTC will invite approximately 200 STEM (science, technology, engineering and math education) students to receive hands-on energy lessons.

They also will be able to meet industry professionals and ask questions about careers in the oil and gas industry.



New guide for offshore container certification

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To help resolve some of the questions raised around offshore container certification, LR Energy has produced a new guide, Offshore Container Certification: When, Where and Why.

The guide covers all aspects of container certification including the differences between the two current rule sets.

Currently, there are two standards for offshore containers EN 12079 & DNV 2.7-1 both determining similar criteria for the certification process.

This will soon change as a group of owners, manufacturers and third-party inspection organisations (including ourselves) meet to finalise the a new standard for offshore containers.

The new standard; ISO 10855 will replace EN 12079 and become the main global standard put forth by industry organisation for the safety of the global container industry.


February 10, 2014

Offshore Container Certification: When, Where and Why

Filed under: Gauthier's News,Industry News — Gauthier's Rentals @ 9:07 am

Do you know what regulation governs the approval of offshore containers in more than 160 countries?

Between international treaties, standards, and questions about certifying bodies, the offshore container certification process can be confusing not only for manufacturers, but for buyers and end-users of offshore containers.

Now, Lloyd’s Register has put together a complimentary downloadable guide about offshore container certification to provide some answers.

OCCGuideCoverRegister today and you’ll learn:

  • Which countries require offshore containers to be approved by an approved body
  • The history of offshore container certification
  • Comparisons of popular standards

Who should download this guide?

  • Offshore container manufacturers
  • Offshore container buyers
  • Offshore oil and gas company procurement and quality teams
  • End users of offshore containers
  • Drilling rig owners

Just fill out the short registration form on the right and you’ll get immediate, free access to the guide.



About Lloyd’s Register Container Certification Services

Lloyd’s Register has been involved in both setting standards for containers and their inspection for almost a half-century. The Lloyd’s Register Container Certification Scheme covers common ISO-style containers, tank containers and offshore containers. For more information, visit

The ISO standard is scheduled to go into effect in 2015.
Source: Lloyd’s Register

Gauthiers’ Oilfield Rental, LLC supplies offshore containers and supporting equipment for the oil and gas industry in the United States and internationally.  The equipment can by certified by Lloyds Register or other classification society chosen by the client. It offers Offshore Containers, Offshore Baskets, Offshore Workshops, Container Modifications, Engineering/Design of Containers, Related Accessories and Supporting Services.

The company specializes in the internationally recognized code, “DNV 2.7-1 Standard for Certification of Offshore Containers-JUNE 2013.”  The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Lafayette, LA (USA) with an additional office in Houma, LA (USA).  For additional information please visit or email at

A New Offshore Container Standard

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A New Offshore Container Standard

Next week in Houston, Texas a group of owners, manufacturers and third-party inspection organisations (Lloyd’s Register among them) will meet to finalise a new standard for offshore containers. ISO 10855 will cover offshore containers and associated lifting sets. Once approved by the ISO committee, it will be one of two global standards for offshore containers put forth by industry organisations for the safety of the global container industry.
Why a new standard?

It was the International Standards Organisation that first introduced a global standard for the now-familiar shipping container back in the late 1960’s. That led to standard sizes for containers, allowing for incredible efficiencies in their storing, loading, and transporting.

Offshore containers, however, are a specific type of container that needs more stringent standards. They are used to ferry supplies to and from offshore oil and gas rigs and platforms. Loading and unloading the containers is usually done by cranes hoisting them from supply ships using what are called sling sets.

You can imagine the forces at play here. Offshore containers are built to withstand the elements of open sea, including a requirement that their material withstand normal temperatures as low as -20°C (severe at -40°C). They also must be constructed to withstand the possibility of impact forces while being loaded and unloaded by cranes.

LR Energy Offshore Container Certification Guide

The ISO standard will therefore bring this speciality container into the fold of global standards for containers. Lloyd’s Register is a proud

member of the working committee, contributing our experience with inspecting and certifying offshore containers, which will reach the 100,000 mark this year.

The ISO standard is scheduled to go into effect in 2015.
Source: Lloyd’s Register

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About Gauthiers’ Oilfield Rental, LLC

Gauthiers’ Oilfield Rental, LLC supplies offshore containers and supporting equipment for the oil and gas industry in the United States and internationally.  The equipment can by certified by Lloyds Register or other classification society chosen by the client. It offers Offshore ContainersOffshore Baskets,Offshore WorkshopsContainer Modifications,Engineering/Design of ContainersRelated Accessories andSupporting Services.

The company specializes in the internationally recognized code,“DNV 2.7-1 Standard for Certification of Offshore Containers-JUNE 2013.”  As well, Gauthiers’ Oilfield Rental, LLC is participating in the work group of the new global standard for offshore containers ISO 10855.  The work group includes manufacturers of offshore containers, classification societies that certify offshore containers, regulatory bodies such as the United States Coast Guard, multinational oil companies that produce offshore, and offshore container rental fleet operators.  


The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Lafayette, LA (USA) with an additional office in Houma, LA (USA).  For additional information please or email at

October 29, 2013

DNV Updates Standard for Offshore Service Modules

Filed under: Gauthier's News — Gauthier's Rentals @ 5:41 pm

DNV said it has completely rewritten the standard for Offshore Service Modules certification, commonly referred to as DNV 2.7-2, which was first published in 1995. The new document is now available and an event to explain the guidance will be held at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Center (AECC) on June 11, 2013.

According to DNV, there are currently various industry sources of guidance and standards, some of which contain conflicting advice, making it difficult for users to gain assurance that their equipment is compliant and that as Duty Holders, they are effectively managing the hazards that may be introduced to the offshore installation. DNV believe that the new DNV 2.7-2 offers a solution to this issue.

Jack Downie, Head of Section, Verification and Product Certification in Aberdeen commented, “As of January 1, 2013, Aberdeen became the DNV global center for Offshore Containers, we are therefore, very close to the needs of the customer here. It is also fitting that we are developing the service and launching updates to the customers ‘in our own backyard.’ Indeed, selected clients have had an opportunity to comment on the changes to DNV 2.7-2 in the interim stages, so they have been very much a part of the revision.”

Though widely recognized as a safety standard for pressurized modules for temporary workspaces, it has now been extended to cover all types of temporary equipment, from diesel engines and compressors to well test production equipment.

The basis for every DNV 2.7-2 module is a container or skid, which, for example, may be precertified to DNV 2.7-2, and then outfitted according to the end client specification. DNV will now certify this to ensure the safety related aspects both from hazards inherent within the module, and also from risks due to its location on the offshore installation. It is a single document which brings together the key safety requirements of multiple existing standards to enable users to effectively apply it to transportable/temporary equipment.

May 24, 2010


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Offshore Technology Conference Attendance Reaches 72,900
HOUSTON, Texas, USA (May 6, 2010) — Attendance at the 2010 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) reached 72,900 as offshore energy industry experts from around the world came together to share technological advances and innovative approaches at the world’s largest event for offshore resources development. OTC was held May 3-6 at Reliant Park in Houston.

Attendance surpassed the 2009 total of 67,700, and the sold-out exhibition was the largest in 28 years, totaling more than 568,000 square feet, up from 557,000 square feet in 2009. OTC’s expanded exhibition in Reliant Arena in addition to Reliant Center enabled the exhibition growth. Although this was a record year for OTC, the drilling accident in the Gulf of Mexico affected the mood and the tone of the event.

“We are coming together at a very sobering time for the offshore energy industry. Although we don’t yet know what caused the accident, we know that this industry takes safety and environmental stewardship very seriously. That is why when we do learn how this occurred, I know that all of us in the offshore industry will work together to prevent this from happening again anywhere in the world,” said Susan Cunningham, 2010 OTC chairman.

The keynote speaker for the OTC Awards Luncheon, Noble Energy’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Charles Davidson opened his remarks with reference to the tragic fire and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon rig by saying “We’ve got to clean it up….find out what happened, and fix it so that it never happens again.”

“I certainly had second thoughts,” Davidson said, about giving his keynote address – Today’s reality is yesterday’s impossibility. But he concluded that the industry must also celebrate its successes. “Our willingness to take on the ‘impossible’ has led to immense change and success. Believing that anything is possible is critical to that success.” He cited US gas shale plays, Chevron’s Jack field in the lower tertiary Gulf of Mexico, and Israel’s gas-field discoveries of the past 18 months as examples of achievements that once seemed impossible.

Covering four full days, this year’s technical program offered sessions on renewable energy sources including offshore wind and wave energy. OTC’s Spotlight on New Technology program highlighted 13 innovative technologies that are already making the industry more effective.

OTC continues to grow with two new conferences. The OTC Brasil conference is scheduled for 4-6 October 2011 in Rio de Janeiro. OTC’s first Arctic Technology Conference will occur 7-9 February 2011 in Houston, as a separate new conference focusing on both offshore and onshore technology for Arctic exploration and development.

The 2011 OTC takes place 2-5 May 2011 at Reliant Park.
About OTC
The Offshore Technology Conference is the world’s foremost event for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production and environmental protection. OTC is held annually at Reliant Park in Houston. For more information, visit

March 24, 2010

Gauthiers’ Expands Container Fleet

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Gauthiers’ Oilfield Rental, LLC, the leading supplier of offshore containers and lifting equipment, is proud to announce a major expansion of their rental fleet and units available for purchase. According to Garett Gauthier, co-owner of Gauthiers, “Each of our containers is certified to meet or exceed the stringent requirements found in the internationally recognized DNV 2.7-1 Offshore Container Standards. This, along with our commitment to safety, service, and quality has enabled us to become the leader in the Gulf Coast Market.”

The expansion includes a variety of equipment, including; 8×10 and 8×20 standard, open top and half height containers.

The addition of open top and half height containers to Gauthiers’ fleet provides greater flexibility to safely haul equipment offshore.

In addition to DNV 2.7-1 certified containers, Gauthiers’ offers fabrication services for customized units including offshore baskets, equipment skids, workshops, and tool houses.  Their fabrication shop is one of few in the Gulf Coast market that is qualified to build DNV 2.7-1 certified equipment.

Gauthiers’ Oilfield Rental, LLC, a division of Gauthier Companies, was founded in 2006 with locations in Lafayette and Houma, Louisiana.

For additional information please call: 877-235-8549, or email:, or visit their website at

DNV Certified Containers

September 3, 2009

DNV Certified Containers

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Gauthier’s is now offering DNV 2.7-1 Certified Containers along with its huge inventory of offshore containers. To learn more about our DNV Certified Containers, including weights and dimensions, click here.

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